Information about the BVI

Information For Your BVI Yacht Charter

Contact With Your Yacht

Once you book a charter with Carefree Yacht Charters®, we will serve as a liaison between you and your yacht, answering any questions or concerns that arise on your end as well as keeping you abreast of any upcoming due dates, etc. Your Captain or Chef will make email or phone contact with you after they receive your preference sheets and just prior to your charter, typically 1 week to 2 weeks prior to your charter start date.

Fishing On Your Charter

Fishing licenses are required for all guests, 18 years of age or older, that want to fish while in the BVI. The fishing licenses are $45 per person if obtained while on charter directly from the BVI Government or slightly higher if they are obtained in advance. It is highly recommended that you obtain any necessary fishing licenses in advance of your charter, alleviating the need to obtain them while on charter. Once you book a charter with us, we will help you easily obtain fishing licenses in advance of your charter. Learn more about BVI fishing licenses.

Packing Tips

Once you've booked your charter with us, we'll send you some helpful packing tips for your charter. These packing tips are based on our first-hand experience with over 300 week long charters in the Virgin Islands and Caribbean aboard our own crewed yachts. We'll be able to give you excellent guidance regarding what to bring and what not to bring, alleviating over-packing on your end.

Seasickness Concerns

Seasickness is rare. Carefree Yacht Charters® has had first-hand experience with approximately 1500 charter guests aboard their own yachts in the Virgin Islands and had very few issues with seasickness. Book a charter with us and we'll provide you with some helpful tips and suggestions in order to avoid seasickness during your charter.

Wetsuits For Your Charter

Carefree Yacht Charters® recommends wetsuits for your upcoming charter for temperature comfort and sun protection for both snorkeling and diving. From first-hand experience, we have found that ladies thoroughly enjoy having a full wetsuit for comfort and protection. However, please note that most guests that visit the Virgin Islands do not use wetsuits. Book with Carefree Yacht Charters® and we'll give you wetsuit recommendations based on the time of year your charter occurs. We'll also provide a recommended and affordable wetsuit supplier.

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Other Questions?

Our charter FAQ's page may answer many of the other questions you may have regarding a crewed charter in the BVI. Contact the charter experts now to get immediate assistance regarding any questions you may have.

Booking Process

Get step by step instructions of the crewed yacht charter booking process. Contact us now to start your crewed yacht charter to the BVI.

The Crewed Charter Yacht Experience

Personalized and private, embark on the vacation of a lifetime! Learn more about what these crewed charters offer.