Grenadines Sailing Itinerary Options

There are various options for your sailing trip in the Grenadines. Review the various Grenadines sailing itinerary ideas below. Contact us directly for our expert advice regarding the best islands and options to see when you and your group are on a charter.

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St. Vincent and the Grenadines

On the northern end, St. Vincent and the Grenadines make up one country. The itinerary found on this Grenadines sailing vacation is the most popular choice for charters in the Grenadines. Passages are within sight of land and combine a good mixture of longer offshore sailing as well as shorter island hops and the entire charter is spent within one country, alleviating the need to clear customs during the charter.

  • St. Vincent: situated at the northern most point of the Grenadines, its southern port provides quick access to the Grenadines and therefore makes a popular starting point. Its wild terrain, dense jungle, and towering mountains lie in stark contrast to the gentler and drier Grenadines to the south.
  • Bequia: situated 8 miles to the south of St. Vincent, is a must see along your route. This island has a large, protected harbor and plenty of things to do and see along the waterfront in Port Elizabeth, a quaint Caribbean town steeped in boats, sailing and tradition.
  • Mustique: is a privately owned island which boasts holiday homes to the rich and famous, such as Mick Jagger, and makes an intriguing stop along your route.
  • Canouan: makes a quiet stop rewarding the hiker will be with impressive views and is also home to a 5 star resort, worth a visit. You can also start or end your charter here with puddle jumper flights back to various larger islands.
  • Mayreau: provides the gateway to the Tobago Cays, offering its guests a protected anchorage and great beaches.
  • The Tobago Cays: will prove to be the highlight of most charters. These tiny deserted islands and the anchorage lie in the protection of Horseshoe Reef and give visitors the feeling that they're at the end of the earth. While you'll find excellent snorkeling along the reef, the only amenities in this remote area come from local boat boys selling fresh bread or local wares yacht to yacht. You may opt to spend two days in this area.
  • Union Island: is charter central in the Grenadines and creates a mid way point where you can visit the local village or set up rendezvous dives to the National Park.
  • Petite St. Vincent: is home to an exclusive resort whose guests signal room service via flags they raise from their stone cottages. Mopion, its tiny, low island neighbor makes for an adventurous visit by dinghy.
  • Palm Island: this small island is host to an idyllic setting with an amazing white-sand beach and the Palm Island Beach club.

Grenada and Surrounding Islands

On the southern end, Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique make up a separate country. When including these islands as part of a Grenadines sailing charter, guests should enjoy the thrill of offshore sailing plus the adventure of clearing customs as they travel between countries. A puddle jumper flight from Canouan Island back to Grenada can maximize charter time in the Grenadines.

  • Grenada: situated at the southern end of the Grenadines, this large, tropical island can make a good starting and ending point for those that would enjoy the full day sail from the southern end of Grenada, north towards the Grenadines. Guests are encouraged to spend a half day or full day before or after your charter exploring the local charm found on this island.
  • Carriacou: is a good spot to enjoy dinner ashore after the long sail from Grenada. Visitors might opt to explore this larger island by taxi or pay a day visit to neighboring Sandy Island, a wonderful stretch of white sand and reef.
  • Petit St. Martinique: within dinghy distance of Petite St. Vincent, this island offers a destination off the beaten path.

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