At Carefree Yacht Charters, we have several trusted crews and managers that keep us abreast of positive vibes and updates regarding the USVI and BVI. We also rely heavily on our long list of clients that chartered in the USVI and BVI during the 2017/2018 season. The positive feedback about the destination is consistent and our recommended yachts and crews continue to deliver on "trips of a lifetime" for our clients. Watch this space for regular updates or contact us to share your positive vibes as well. #IslandVibes.


A BVI manager and a trusted source provided Carefree with these photos and insight about Tortola and the upcoming crewed charter yacht show in the BVI, now just days away: "As yacht crews return to the BVI from autumnal holidays, the air is redolent with the seasonal excitement preceding the Charter Yacht Show. So much as been accomplished in the way of recovery, and everyone is looking forward to the normalcy and simple pleasures of sailing in the islands. Nanny Cay repairs are streaking along, with the annual Charter yacht Show as an informal deadline. New docks are in place, awaiting the new pilings to secure them. The Beach Bar galley has been enlarged and remodeled, and a new executive chef has taken the helm. Elsewhere, the beach scene at Cane garden Bay is in a state of remodeling, with Pusser's Rum doing work on their new restaurant and bar at Myett's on the beach. Quito's restaurant is aiming for an opening later this year."

Photos include the beach at Nanny Cay Marina, host to the show, a photo including 2 of our Foodie Chefs (Karine & Carla of 62' Catamarans Le Reve and Bagheera), plus a current day view overlooking Cane Garden Bay.

bvi yacht charter crews having fun
sunset at Nanny Cay Marina
current day view overlooking Cane Garden Bay


Biff & Amy aboard 45' Catamaran Gypsy Princess are one of our favorite crews and are setting the bar when it comes to giving back to the BVI! As they explained to us, after Hurricanes Irma & Maria passed the BVI’s last September, they were determined to stay on the islands they love so much and were also determined to give back whatever they could to the communities which have welcomed them over the last 4 years. They intend to continue supporting the islands and are committed to donating 50% of their gratuities from their charters to 4 grassroots charities which have helped so many since September 2017. Here's what Biff & Amy told us about the progress in the BVI: "With every passing day the BVI is bouncing back with more & more places of interest being opened to the public. The island of Jost Van Dyke was quick off the mark and now almost all the favourite bars, restaurants & shops there have reopened. Thanks to a number of charities the beaches also now have palms and sea grapes to finish the picture postcard look. Whilst other land marks are still closed such as Bitter End Yacht Club, they are taking the opportunity to renovate their properties and reopen in the future bigger & better than ever!"

Want to contribute? Here's a list of Biff & Amy's favorite charities so you can pay it forward as well:

  • Support Network: bring out a few items for local children in your luggage
  • Promoting Animal Welfare BVI: chaperone an adopted island cat or dog to USA
  • Seeds of Love: water the newly planted palms on Sandy Cay
  • Adopt A Roof: financial donations to assist with giving people a watertight home once more
  • Book a charter: Biff & Amy added "the biggest support any guests can offer is just by visiting BVI, by purchasing a beer at this bar or buying a t shirt at that shop. The tourist dollar is so important here right now."
irma update
irma update
irma update


A group of couples that we booked aboard 50' Catamaran White House in July, 2018 told us this while still on charter: “We postponed our trip due to the storms and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience. None of the luxuries of the White House were comprised due to the hurricanes. The islands are already rebuilding (rebuilt in a lot of cases) and thriving. We experienced a vast array of beaches that we wouldn’t have been able to see if only in a hotel. The reef life appears to be healthy and flourishing. Diving and snorkeling were both superb. Customer service on both the boat and every Island were unparalleled - they could not have been more accommodating. Most of all, Jill and Ryan made us feel like part of the family. We were so fortunate to experience the WillyT III that was back to thriving and slinging delicious cold drinks. Everyone that we met were so welcoming and thoughtful. Ann + Andrew’s gift of the “fun meter” at Cow Wreck bar in Anegada was off the charts - especially with the open air ride from L&M Taxi. The value of the excursions, accommodations, local experience, menu customization and curated activities are well worth the cost. We made plans to return again and highly recommend the charter as a top of list travel experience.“ Abby S. and the VA Beach Crew

irma update
irma update
irma update


A family group said this about their June, 2018 charter aboard 58' Catamaran Pelican: "Unbelievable, amazing, trip of a lifetime, relaxing, memories made are all words I would use to describe the week we had while sailing on the Pelican in June. Paul took us to some of the most gorgeous places we have ever seen and always made sure we were comfortable while diving, snorkeling or swimming. Paul always got in the water with us to help guide us while diving or snorkeling to make sure we saw some of the prettiest underwater life we have ever seen. This truly was a trip of a lifetime and something we will never forget and for that our entire family thanks everyone involved who made that happen. We have already started the "talks" of our next trip and hopefully we can bring our kids to experience this amazing vacation like we did. Thank you again Lynne, Paul and Kristen for your impeccable hospitality and memories that will last a lifetime!" Sincerely, Stacy, Georgia

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irma update
irma update


Willy T Yacht

This group of 4 couples that we booked aboard 63' Power Catamaran Ultra in June, 2018 told us this about the BVI and their charter experience: "Hanging out at Willy T’s!! We had an absolute awesome time with Vince & Linda on Ultra. Ultra is an unbelievably nice cat. Vince and & Linda were tons and fun and so entertaining. We were catered to and spoiled non stop. The quality and variety of our meals was excellent!! From St. Thomas, to St. John’s, Virgin Gorda, Peter Island, Jost Van Dyke, Normand Island..... Everything was awesome!! Lots to do do at each stop. Non stop entertainment and breath taking beaches and views. Definitely everything we expected and more. We would definitely recommend this trip and especially this boat and crew to anyone wanting to spend a week in Paradise!!...... " Mark F., Texas

Update 4/16/2018: A Two Family Group WOULD RECOMMEND THE BVI TO ANYONE!

CYBA Rewards ProgramThis 2 family group that we booked aboard Catamaran Split Second is having a ball, redeeming their Rewards Card out at Anegada in early April. They added this about the experience and the BVI: "Great trip. Jack and Jaimie were truly fabulous and I can’t say enough good things about them. Both were incredibly personable and great with the kids. Jaimie’s food was fantastic and the boat couldn’t have been any better. While the devastation of the hurricanes is apparent, I don’t think it affected our trip at all. The reefs and beaches were great and if anything the lack of crowds was a benefit. I would not hesitate to recommend the bvi to anyone that asked and give the boat and crew my highest recommendation." Ari S., Florida

About The Reward Program: Carefree Yacht Charters is an Active Member of CYBA and excited to be a part of the CYBA (Charter Yacht Brokers Association International) Rewards Program! The program awards a $100 Gift Card to each CYBA Member who books a charter to embark in hurricane affected areas between April 1 and June 30, 2018. The $100 Gift Card is for the Charter Guests and is meant to be spent in the areas most affected by the recent hurricanes including the USVI and BVI. This program was created to help areas affected by the hurricanes in a grass roots way by giving charter guests a little spending money and encouraging them to visit local bars, restaurants and shops. It is CYBA's way of getting funds into the hands of business owners and those who need it most to continue with the rebuild of the area. Contact Us directly for more details regarding the program.

Update 4/2/2018: A multi-repeat client reports that "THE ISLANDS ARE BACK"!

A multi-repeat client and group of couples that we booked aboard 60' Power Catamaran Sea Boss in March, 2018 told us this: "Lynne, Would like to comment on our most recent experience with your Charter Company, the MV Sea Boss, and the crew of Darrel and Jenn. First - your handling of the charter by you and your company was as perfect as it has been in each of the three previous charters. You are the reason we keep coming back. Second, for two couples, there is no better vessel to spend a week in the USVI and BVI than SeaBoss. Accommodations are perfect. Both cabins are fantastic for a home away from home. Finally, the crew was as knowledgeable and gracious as they have always been. Knowing what is available, what has changed and what is still under recovery makes the trip easy and at the same time eye opening. Darrel and Jenn made the trip as good or better than our 3 previous trips. The ISLANDS ARE BACK." Guy M., Florida

Update 3/25/2018: A favorite Charter Chef shares her thoughts on the "Magical BVI!"

Captain Rich and Chef Sarah, aboard 56' Catamaran Altesse, are one of our favorite crew teams within the fleet. Chef Sarah shared these thoughts with us regarding her recent charters in the BVI: "Since January we have been busy chartering and have been delighted to have the most amazing fun; extraordinary wildlife (dolphins, whales, flocks of flamingos, octopus, eels... it goes on and on!); dramatic and sublime weather and just great experiences with great people. Being in the BVI at the moment really is magical, with such a warm welcome everywhere you go. It is humbling to be here and we are honoured to be able to share it with all our guests. They really are having an amazing time, but I guess that's easy for us to say, so please find below their own words, on what it has been like to sail on Altesse post Irma."

These two guest comments and associated photo collages are from client groups that Carefree Yacht Charters booked aboard Altesse in March, 2018:

  • "Richard and Sarah - Da Bomb!! From day through to day seven we had the best time everrrrrr.... Thanks so much for making our time great, start to finish. Food 10/10, on point! Company 10/10, on point! Did we want to leave? Nooooo! Thanks so much for sharing your home on the water with us. You both are the best hosts we could wish for. Thanks again." Harare, Aggie, Andrew, Kris, Marianna, Joe, Joylon. Cayman Islands and Boston, March '18
  • "Dear Sarah and Richard, thank you so much for your unending attention to detail, personalization and gracious care of all our needs and wants. We had an absolute BLAST in paradise, from spotting humpback whales, flamingos and scarlet ibis, to 'driving' an amphibious vehicle, tubing and snorkeling the caves. All of it was beyond amazing. To top it off, the food was the best it can get! Our favourite was the herb encrusted Mahi-Mahi (and ALL the desserts of course). Thank you, thank you, thank you." Doug, Amanda, Marina, Issac, Emma and Max, Boston, March '18
irma update
irma update

Update 1/31/2018: Beautiful! Gorgeous! Inviting and Amazing!

Here's a trio of positive reports from repeat clients as well as first-time Carefree clients:

A family and first time client that we booked aboard 57' Catamaran Aoibh for New Years 2017/2018 said: The BVI were beautiful....our 7 day route took us to all the right locations....popular, remote, and everything in between....a ton of the best snorkeling and water sports - every day was a new adventure. The vacation was perfect for our family...boat, crew, location, experience....cannot wait until we book again! Thanks for all your assistance - as a first time catamaran experience, you certainly guided us to a top notch vacation! Jack B., Florida

A group of couples and first time client group that we booked aboard 46' Catamaran Flip Flop in January, 2018 said: Regarding the Islands themselves, they were inviting and amazing. Since this was my first trip, I don’t have a pre-hurricane comparison, but it’s apparent they have rebounded incredibly well. We had the fortune of small crowds, easy mooring, clean and beautiful beaches, flourishing reefs, vibrant marine life, and very welcoming and gracious residents. Many of the beach bars, restaurants, and shops are open and full of fun - now is the perfect opportunity. I highly encourage anyone considering a BVI vacation to take advantage of the Islands now and in doing so, will also help in their recovery. Thanks again Lynne for everything - this truly was the vacation of a lifetime...we can’t wait to go back! Lisa H., Montana


We wanted to express what a wonderful vacation we had in the BVI. Our stay on the Flip Flop was better than we could have ever imagined. Before our trip, we were concerned to be a burden on the people of the BVI due to the recent devastating hurricane; however, the local people were thrilled to see us and for the most part we could not even tell the damage that had been done. The common hot spots were up and running with full service. For us tourists, the one positive is that we could enjoy many areas without huge crowds of other tourists. We had the most incredible bays all to ourselves on several nights. We would not hesitate visiting this beautiful area again and encourage you to go now before the throngs of tourists return. The local people need your support and you will not be disappointed. Eric & Ginger B., Montana

BVI Crewed Charter Updates January 2018
BVI Crewed Charter Updates January 2018
BVI Crewed Charter Updates January 2018


A family that we booked aboard 67' Catamaran Nenne for Christmas, 2017 in the BVI & USVI told us this: "It was, as I am sure you are not surprised, amazing. Beyond amazing. Thank you for your role in helping us set it up, and for getting us onto the Nenne with Donald and Audrey after the hurricane. Both of my kids said it was their best Christmas ever, and that includes the fact that we opted not to do any gifts on board. Best Christmas ever for a 10 and 13 year old and not a gift in sight? That's impressive. When I read a review, I always want to know - Would you recommed it to a friend? And would you do it again? Both, yes, a thousand times yes. Without hesitation. We thought this trip was going to be a once in a lifetime experience. But having now been on it, we now know that is not acceptable, there is no chance that once is enough, and are now just figuring out how and when to do it again." Jennifer B., Washington State

Update 12/15/2017: Positive Vibes from a Favorite Crew

Chef Jill of 50' Catamaran White House sent us these positive thoughts and update in December 2017: "The captain and I know that there has been a lot of questions regarding the dynamics of charters this season so we wanted to send you some photos of our charters post hurricane. We wanted to show you how beautiful the islands STILL are! I've even typed up some of the entries from White House's guest book so you can read the guest testimonials for yourself. We also want to remind you that YOU (the Broker) are a huge part of this relief effort. It takes a village, between yourselves, the guests, the marinas, supermarkets, cleaners, restaurants, and so many more. This beautiful place runs on tourism and every aspect of it. I cannot tell you how amazing the locals have been down here. They have personally thanked our guests on countless occasions. "Thank you for being here. Thank you for coming." they say. So please keep bringing people down."

White House Guest Testimonials, November, 2017:

  • This trip has been so much more than a vacation, its been an experience! If feel like I'm closer to these islands and the people that live here. Mark, Oklahoma
  • We love your energy and zest for thankful that you directed it toward us this past week.It was so special being able to rest and relax and leave the world behind for just a little bit. Nancy, Wyoming
  • There have been fears conquered on this trip. I now, officially 'do water'. You've taught me so much! Pamela, Oklahoma
  • The White House was home. But the difference maker was the two of you! We were totally comfortable, secure, and at peace. And the food! Each dish...a special creation. Total energy in all. Phil, Wyoming
White House - BVI Yacht Charters
White House - BVI Yacht Charters
White House - BVI Yacht Charters