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Looking for a family vacation or couples retreat off the beaten path? Consider a yacht charter vacation in the Exumas, Bahamas. Situated on the southern end of the Bahamas chain and scattered along a stretch of 100 miles, the Exumas offers easy access from the US as well as a unique vacation experience. As described by one of our Bahamas based crews, "The Exumas are remote, pristine, varied and exotic. The vibrant shades of blue waters are awe inspiring and the Exumas is truly a unique and special place to visit!"

When to Charter in the Bahamas? A few of our favorite BVI based yachts and crews will typically head to the Exumas during the late Spring and early Summer months as this is the ideal time to go vacation yachting in the Bahamas. A handful of other recommended and higher end motor yachts base in the area year round.

The Cost to Charter in the Bahamas? As charters in the Bahamas are typically plus all expenses of 30% to 35% on top of the rate plus 4% Bahamas tax, charters in the Bahamas typically start around $30,000 to $50,000 and in general, are more expensive than comparable yachts offering all-inclusive BVI charters.

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Why Charter A Crewed Yacht In the Bahamas?

  • Pristine Charter Destination: The Exumas are remote and unspoiled. Her tranquil waters are ideal for water sports such as stand-up paddle-boarding, jet skiing, or kayaking and offer the opportunity for amazingly fresh and tasty local cuisine.
  • Unique Snorkeling: The Bahamas offers crystal clear water, colorful reefs, and a bounty of underwater life. Unusual snorkel spots are found in grottos and underwater caves, the most famous being the Thunderball Grotto on Staniel Cay.
  • Easy Access from the US: The popular and accessible island of Nassau makes for an easy start and end point for your charter with easy flights to and from the States.

Why Choose Carefree Yacht Charters®?

Our Experience & Expertise Are Priceless

Our Experience Makes Us Unique: The Carefree Team's tenure includes 16 years in business as professional Yacht Charter Brokers, including owner-dedicated service from start to finish on each and every charter. Our Team also offers our clients 25 years of experience as professional Crew on various highly successful yachts in the BVI, USVI & Caribbean. When combined, Your Carefree Team is uniquely qualified to seamlessly handle your trip of a lifetime.

Expertise Sets Us Apart: Lynne Campbell, Founder, Managing Director, and Broker, has over 25 years of key industry experience, including 16 years in business as the owner & lead broker of Carefree Yacht Charters. With a majority of those years as a top broker within the industry, Lynne has navigated it all, including countless blue sky charter days, but also through hurricanes and the covid pandemic. Repeat clients have come to rely on Lynne's expertise to guide them during mainly smooth sailing, but also through any unforeseen stormy weather that might be just beyond the horizon.

A family that we booked abard 60' Power Catamaran Sea Boss in the Exumas, Bahamas in April 2021 said:

Lynne, your services for Carefree Yacht Charters were very professional. Explained to me in detail everything about our charter, and responded to any questions that I may have had being a first timer via telephone or email, even on Sundays!! You were correct to say we would enjoy the Exumas, we can't say enough about those islands, a perfect place to relax in Paradise. As you can see after being with Stu and Hannah and Sea Boss after our 1st day of our trip we decided to book the BVI's for another 10 day Charter in January. Can't say enough, it was an Epic Trip!!
Diane C., Pennsylvania

Our Bahamas Crewed Charter Choices

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