Catamaran Respite at Sea

Catamaran Respite at Sea is a 2018, 56’ Lagoon catamaran offering crewed yacht charters in the BVI and USVI. She features a fly-bridge deck, two seasonal crews of 2, on-board scuba diving for certified guests, plus accommodations for up to 6 guests in 1 Master Queen Suite and 2 Queen cabins. Catamaran Respite at Sea is a Carefree Yacht Charters mid-range, luxury option for families, couples, divers or special occasions.

Here's what Ross & Dee told Carefree Yacht Charters about their favorite type of group: "We enjoy variety. Our ideal group is one that is up for an adventure and wants to get involved in activities. They are relaxed but also love a party or two. We both love children and have great patience, as well as older groups that are young at heart. Dee might not be a Michelin starred chef but rest assured she is always serving up delicious meals."

Noteworthy Details: At the St. Thomas Crewed Charter Yacht Show in November 2020, Ross and Dee of Respite at Sea walked away with a boat-load of awards including Runner Up for Best in Show (yachts 56' to 65'), Best Crew overall, plus Chef Dee took 3rd place in Desserts!

Rates from $33,000 to $44,000. View availability, rate details and current Special Offer.

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To learn more about this crew or for further details about RESPITE AT SEA, call us in our South Florida office at (954) 980-9281 or fill out our Quick Request Form.

What Our Carefree Clients Said

A group of girlfriends that we booked aboard 56' Catamaran Respite in Sea in March 2023 said: Lynne, I hope I can find words to accurately describe our experience. You are largely responsible for making the entire experience a pleasure. Thank you again! Actually I have recommended you and Respite to several friends so I hope that comes to fruition. We will be planning a land trip for 2024 but you’ll hear from us again the following year if not before! Nancy A., Florida



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Season Passengers
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Winter 2022 to 2023 $33,000.00 $33,500.00 $34,000.00 $34,500.00 $35,000.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Summer 2023 $33,000.00 $33,500.00 $34,000.00 $34,500.00 $35,000.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Winter 2023 to 2024 $33,000.00 $33,500.00 $34,000.00 $34,500.00 $35,000.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Summer 2024 $33,000.00 $33,500.00 $34,000.00 $34,500.00 $35,000.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

Special Offer

  • 56 feet
  • Accommodates up to 6 guests in 3 cabins
  • Rates from $33,000 to $44,000
  • Save $500 for each child 15 or under at the time of the charter
  • Maximum of 4 child discounts

Price Details

Respite At Sea will be Chartering from December 1st 2022-September 30th 2023. From April 1st 2023 - September 30th 2023 the crew will be Captain Ross Matthews and Chef Daniella Cox Respite At Sea is available for charter in the Southern Caribbean (St. Lucia, Saint Vincent & the Grenadines, Grenada) for August and September 2023 with Captain Ross and Chef Dee. *6 Night Minimum* Boat Requires 48hr Turns HOLIDAYS: 20223 Christmas Flat Rate $42,000 inquire for pick up and drop off. 7 night minimum. New Years Flat Rate 44,000 inquire for pick up and drop off. 7 night minimum. 
HALF-BOARD RATES: Discount Applied First (7/4/3 BREAKFAST/LUNCH/DINNER): $150 off / person
 ***3 lunches and 4 dinners ashore at client expense***  

 ***(Rate divided by 6N X number of nights*** For 6 nights divide rate by 7 X 6N. CHILD DISCOUNTS: Discount Applied First Children 15 and under $500 discount ***must be 15 or under at the time of charter***  No sleep aboard option.


To find the best dates for your charter, call us in our South Florida office at (954) 980-9281 or fill out our Quick Request Form.


Highlighted dates are booked, on hold, or unavailable. We may be able to challenge the dates on hold. Please contact us for details. All other dates not highlighted are available. You can use the arrow icons to navigate through the months.


Dates Color Key

If no color is noted on calendar or in the detailed list below, the dates are available for your charter. Dates can change quickly, so please contact us as soon as possible to begin booking your charter. Highlighted colors mean:

  • Booked (Booked by another client group already)
  • Hold (Held by another client group, not yet booked, and can be challenged)
  • Unavailable (Blocked out by the Owner and unavailable to challenge)


  • Summer Operating Area: Caribbean Virgin Islands (US/BVI), Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Virgin Islands (US), Caribbean Virgin Islands (BVI)
  • Winter Base Port: VIrgin Islands
  • Winter Operating Area: Caribbean Virgin Islands (US/BVI), Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Virgin Islands (US), Caribbean Virgin Islands (BVI)
  • Preferred Pickups: Contact Clearing House
  • Other Pickups:
  • Turnaround: 48

Reviews from our Carefree Clients

A group of girlfriends that we booked aboard 56' Catamaran Respite in Sea in March 2023 said:

Dear Lynne,

I wanted to reach out and thank you again for helping us organize our trip on Respite at Sea. Your attention to detail assured us that we had the best experience possible… and we did!

Our first day of travel included an overnight stay in St. Thomas at a tucked away resort called Secret Harbor. This small resort was a gem and our only regret was that we did not stay an extra night. The three bedroom condo that we rented was beautifully furnished and offered us Beachfront views and on property restaurants. Perfect for relaxing after a long day of travel.

Island Time water taxi was the way to go for easy land/sea transfers from USVI to Tortola. The drivers and Captains were prompt, courteous, and helpful to our group. I would definitely use them again.

Our experience on Respite at Sea exceeded every expectation that we had for this trip. It is a beautifully designed yacht and offered spacious areas for our group of six to enjoy lounging, dining, sunning, and relaxing.

Tom and Hannah were attentive to every need and we were delighted with every cocktail and gourmet meal that we received. Seriously, each meal was delicious and the presentation flawless, we couldn’t even imagine how Hannah might top her daily efforts BUT SHE DID every single day!

Our Captain, Tom, was great. He was patient and gladly lent a hand to help us enjoy all things BVI. Drinks would magically appear as if he could read minds and we were happy to sample his offering of the day. He and Hannah are a great team and made our experience 100% positive. I hope they know how much we appreciated their efforts. We will definitely be back and Respite at Sea will be a top contender for our next adventure.

Thanks again for making this the perfect trip!

Nancy A., Florida


We suspected this charter would be an amazing trip but we were spoiled after having the MOST amazing crew in Tom & Hannah - not just because of their skills and talents but also because they are two genuinely sweet, fun people.

The cuisine was fantastic (and plentiful)! Our captain Tom took great care in every endeavor to ensure we had the experience of a lifetime.

I would highly recommend Respite at Sea as well as Lynne Campbell as a broker, as she made everything feel “easy” to set up, schedule and accomplish with no stress!

Michelle H., North Carolina


Our trip on Respite was over the top in all aspects. The yacht has everything you might need other than clothes. Multiple seating areas, places to play games, the games themselves, fun water toys, nice towels....I could go on and on. Tom and Hannah were outstanding. They guided us as to where to go and picked great spots to anchor. They were very helpful without being intrusive. Tom's drink of the day was very fun.

Regarding the food, it was fantastic. Just when we would think Hannah couldn't outdo herself she did. There was a great variety and the presentation was always beautiful. Her menus were parties for your mouth!

I would totally do another charter on Respite as well as with Tom and Hannah. We weren't even halfway through the charter and we were talking about when we were going to do this again!

I can't give enough praise for my experience.

Roxanne F., North Carolina


This trip far exceeded my expectations. The boat was beautiful & well equipped with all the water toys that we needed. Hannah & Tom were very knowledgeable about the areas we visited. The meals were excellent! Hannah is a very talented chef and her presentations were beautiful. I would definitely do this again!

Linda K., North Carolina

A multi-repeat client group that we booked aboard 56' Catamaran Respite at Sea in March 2022 said:

Hi Lynne,

This crew is top of their game. So fun. So professional. Dee’s cooking rivals any high end restaurant we’ve ever eaten in and she delivered that level every. single. meal! Truly amazing. Ross made amazing cocktails and took us to secluded anchorages we have never seen and we loved every one. We had great sailing and we felt comfortable, pampered, safe and happy every minute we were on board. We would sail with these two anytime, anywhere. Respite herself is a beautiful and very comfortable boat. Not one complaint. Now… if they could just sail us back to NY.

Thanks again… as always… for your help and guidance in making our charter come off without a hitch.

Till next time,

Lisa R., Connecticut

A group of couples that we booked aboard Respite Sea in December 2021 said:

Lynne - I volunteered to send this email on behalf of the group as we are all in agreement when we say the week on The Respite was absolutely PERFECT. This starts with the planning process through you which was organized, seamless, and transparent. The response times on our questions were quick and informative which is a testament to you and did not get lost on us. I honestly believe you had a good sense of our group and helped match the perfect boat and crew to our "vibe" through your dialogue with Heidi. This extends to helping plan Kristina's 40th party which also turned out to be fantastic and most likely out of scope for your remit, but you did it anyway. We simply cannot thank you enough....

Let's talk about the crew, our new lifelong friends Ross and Dee... I am really struggling to find words to capture how great these two individuals are and how much we value the experience Ross and Dee provided us. Let me do my best...

The love and passion that Dee put into each meal resulted in some of the best food we have ever had anywhere much less from a confined galley. Each meal blew our minds and was better than any restaurant we dined at during the trip and frankly most of the top restaurants anywhere in the world. I realize this sounds fabricated, but "Dee-licious" as we called her, could not be more talented or passionate about ensuring the group had top notch meals and service. Simply out of this world and we have pictures of each dish to remind us of how good we had it during our week onboard. Thank you Dee, you spoiled us for the week and we are forever grateful! Having the boat decorated for Kristina's actual Bday was incredibly thoughtful and speaks to your character as genuine and caring....

Onto Captain Ross... There is something special about someone who has a deep pride in his craft which is exactly how I would describe Ross. He ensured we saw all the key spots the BVI has to offer and made our experience magical. Ross is meticulous in all he does to ensure the experience each day beats expectations. He is very knowledgeable of the area and some of our favorite memories are sitting on the fly bridge with a Carib in hand listening to the history of the area. The passion Ross has for the boat and ensuring it's upkeep makes you believe he is the owner! Each drink poured and each dish cleared was met with a smile and a "Pleasure" from Ross that we will never forget. We will forever remember our morning map sessions with Ross where he outlined where we had been the previous day and where we were headed that day. Thank you Ross, we cannot have imagined a better Captain and now friend.

I think in summary there are a few thoughts... I considered Ross and Dee part of our crew by day 2. Seriously... we enjoyed having them part of the group and it was a treat to have them join in on all we did throughout the week. We all agreed that when Ross gets the chops to ask for Dee's hand in marriage our group will be there wherever/whenever in the world it goes down! (Sorry buddy, I had to get that in there!). The final testament to how special of a week we had was the tears my wife shed during our goodbyes...

I did my best, but I still don't think I did justice to our experience... The only other item is the Respite itself which was perfectly appointed and provisioned. We did not want for anything and were completely comfortable in the spacious rooms!

Lynne - please feel free to use any of this as a reference material!

Others, please add to whatever I have missed....

John W., Oregon


I'm not sure that I can add much beyond John's comments, but here are a few things that come to mind. The organization and "systems" that were in place were super dialed in. We didn't see any of the back of house work - garbage, dishes, cleaning - everything was choreographed to be invisible to us and every item had a place, down to the swim fins and masks. Ross wouldn't even let us bus any of our own plates to the galley as it would screw up their "system". Great teamwork Ross and Dee!

Krystal and I echo everything John said....what an amazing trip.


Matt N., Oregon


Chad and I agree with everything said above. It was the trip of a lifetime and we are so grateful for our new friends, Ross and Dee! We will treasure this amazing experience forever! xoxoxo

Heidi H., Washington


Ross Matthews (Captain April 1st 2023-September 30th 2023)

Originally from South Africa, has always had an unwavering passion for sport, travel and the ocean. His first time on a boat was with his grandfather at age 3, and he can't help but wonder if this is where his sense for adventure and exploration stems from. They do say "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree". Ross moved to the UK at the age of 18 to travel Europe, go to school and start a more conventional career as a physical therapist, although this all changed while
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Crew Pictures

Cabins & Amenities


Accomodation Details

RESPITE AT SEA features 3 guest suites, 3 with queen berths, all with full A/C and ensuite toilet and shower. Starboard forward cabin is reserved for crew.

Guest Cabins

  • Max Guests: 6
  • Total Cabins: 3
  • King Cabins: 0
  • Queen Cabins: 3
  • Double Cabins: 0
  • Single Cabins: 0
  • Twin Cabins: 0
  • Pullman Cabins: 0
  • Showers: 3
  • Heads: 3
  • Electric Heads: 3


  • AC: Full
  • Voltages: 110v & 220v
  • Hairdryer: Yes
  • Water Capacity: 260 gals
  • Water Maker: Yes 75 gal
  • Ice Maker: Yes
  • Deck Shower: Yes
  • Jacuzzi: No
  • Other Amenities:
    Stream2Sea Products Including-
    Body Wash
    Leave-In Conditioner
    Body Lotion
    Reef Safe 30SPF Sunscreen
  • Specifications

    • Size: 56 feet
    • Builder: Lagoon
    • Year Built: 2018
    • Beam: 31
    • Draft: 5


  • Kids okay: Yes
  • Internet Access: Onboard WIFI
  • iPod/Device Hookups: Yes
  • Salon Stereo: Yes
  • Salon TV/DVD: Yes
  • Sat TV: No
  • Board Games: Yes
  • Special Diets: Yes
  • Kosher: Yes
  • # Dine In: 6
  • BBQ: Yes
  • Crew Smokes: No
  • Guest Smoke: Transoms only pls
  • On-board Water Sports and Diving


    • License: Master
    • Costs: 3 dives per week included for certified divers - charters 6 nights or more.

      Additional dives $50 per dive per person.
    • Number of Dives: 5
    • Tanks: 6
    • BCs: 6
    • Regulators: 6
    • Scuba:Onboard
    • Air Compressor: Onboard
    • Wet Suits: 0
    • Dive Lights: 0
    • Night Dives: 0

    On-board Water Sports

    • Dinghy: 15 ft
    • Dinghy Horsepower: 50
    • Dinghy Pax: 8
    • Water Skis: No (Adult) No (Kids)
    • Wake Board: Yes
    • Tube: Yes
    • Knee Board: No
    • Snorkel Gear: Yes
    • Underwater Camera: Yes
    • Kayak: Yes (1 Man) No (2 Man)
    • Stand Up Paddle Boards: 2
    • Floating Mats: 0
    • Beach Games: Yes
    • Jetskis: No
    • Other Toys: 1 Sea Bob
      Flybridge dinning table
      Adult and child water skis available upon request
      1 Paddle board that convert to one man kayak
      Floating chairs x 2

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    At Carefree Yacht Charters®, we specialize in arranging extraordinary crewed yacht charters in the BVI as well as other Caribbean destinations. For full details, call us in our South Florida office at (954) 980-9281 or fill out our Quick Request Form.