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Yacht vacations in and around St. Maarten would typically include visits to neighboring St. Barts and Anguilla. This cruising area has become a favorite within the northern part of the Leeward Islands chain, providing its visitors with a combination of Caribbean charm, azure waters, plus splendid beaches. While passages between islands on a St. Maarten yacht charter are within sight of land, the conditions are typically more challenging than those found 90 miles to the northwest in the Virgin Islands.

  • St. Maarten: half French and half Dutch, this is the smallest island in the world separated by two different nations. While its border is almost unnoticeable, each side of the island retains its own distinct culture and character, creating incredible variety on one island. St. Maarten's French side boasts secluded beaches, a relaxed atmosphere, and some of the finest dining experiences in the Caribbean. The more developed yet less formal Dutch side has long been a tourism center, with its cruise ship port and busy shopping area.
  • St. Barts: the French island of St. Barthelemy, nicknamed St. Barts, lies 12 miles from St. Maarten and is a must-see on any St. Maarten crewed yacht charter. This tiny island of only 5,000 residents has a picturesque port and chic main town of Gustavia which bustles with small French Cafes, fine dining, plus duty-free shopping in its many boutiques. In contrast, the island also offers several secluded coves and 20 beaches, a perfect place to explore via moped.
  • Anguilla: the British island of Anguilla lies just 5 miles to the north of St. Maarten. Crystal clear waters, pristine beaches and banks of coral encircle this small island. With 33 white-sand beaches and an international flair, Anguilla offers a great escape and something for everyone.

A multi-repeat and family that we booked aboard 62' Catamaran Le Reve in St. Maarten in May 2021 said:

Hi Lynne, thanks for the follow up. We got back to last evening after an incredible trip with Mario & Karine on Le Reve. We are happy to be a reference on either Le Reve or Mario & Karine. They spoke very highly of you and Joe and said “Lynne - she is one of the best!”. You have earned their respect and trust for sure.
Marty C., Colorado

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