The Carefree Booking Process

Providing expert advice regarding the best yachts and crews along with booking your charter represent just a small segment of the services Carefree Yacht Charters provides. There are key details which will require our expertise throughout the process, from your initial contact until the time you step aboard your yacht. In addition, our prompt and knowledgeable guidance plus expertise as a top BVI broker come at no additional cost to you.

A sampling of key details that require our professional expertise:

  • Contract use and understanding
  • Trip insurance considerations
  • Fiduciary responsibility regarding charter funds
  • Completion of our exclusive online preference form
  • Discussion regarding your best itinerary choices
  • Unique insight into related details such as flights, hotel stays, inter island transfers, possible fishing licenses, scuba diving, etc.

Why Choose Carefree Yacht Charters®?

Experience matters. We're a top 5 BVI Yacht Charter Company with over 20 years of industry experience. We owned and operated our own successful crewed charter yacht in the BVI for 12 years. We also utilize cutting edge technology and systems to provide our clients with a state of the art web experience and charter booking process. When combined, we are uniquely qualified to expertly handle your vacation of a lifetime. See what our clients have said about us.

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Call us in our South Florida office at 954-980-9281, Toll Free at 888-670-6884, or complete our Quick Request Form. We'll match you and your group with a charter that fits your budget, style and interests and then embark on our unique booking process.

Carefree Booking Process

Yacht Selection Steps

  • With our expert guidance, select your preferred charter yacht and crew
  • We’ll confirm availability and rates for the yacht
  • We’ll place a complimentary 2 week hold on the yacht and dates. Please note that this hold can be challenged by another interested broker/party. See further details regarding a challenge below.
  • Once a hold is in place, you should double check appropriate flights. It is recommended that you do not confirm any flights until we are in a position to confirm your charter. Learn more about getting to the BVI.

The Hold/Challenge Process

  • A hold is good for two weeks. However, it can be challenged by another broker/party during regular business hours. If so, we would then have 48 business hours to confirm the charter on our end (with signed contract and appropriate deposit in our hands) or give up the hold to the challenging broker.
  • If you wish to challenge a hold on another yacht, we will inform the Manager about our official challenge, and then the other broker/party will then have 48 business hours to confirm on their end or give up the dates to us. Before challenging, you need to be 100% certain that you will confirm the charter, should we gain control of the dates.

Booking Steps

  • Once your hold is in place, we’ll send you a contract for your review and have you sign up for a Carefree online account. An email/password combination you choose will give you and your charter group varying levels of access as you progress towards a booking.
  • You’ll sign the appropriate industry contract and provide an appropriate deposit. A 25% deposit is due if your charter is more than 6 months out. A 50% deposit is due if your charter is less than 6 months out. For last minute charters within 1 month of the charter start date, a 100% deposit is due.
  • We accept checks, wire transfers, direct deposits or major credit cards for payment. Carefree Yacht Charters® accepts and processes the following major credit cards for your convenience and at no additional cost to you: MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. As Carefree Yacht Charters® processes cards directly and within the continental United States, you avoid possible surcharges for credit card use or foreign transaction fees. (Limitations may apply.)
  • Once we have your signed contract and deposit funds in hand, we will book your charter. Dependent on the yacht of your choice, the Owner may need to counter sign the contract before the charter is booked.

Balance of the Carefree Booking Process

  • Once your charter is confirmed you will gain full access into your online charter area, which includes timeline details, valuable charter information, plus your online preference form.
  • At this point you can sit back, relax and rest assured that we will keep you abreast of anything you should be doing or thinking about for your upcoming charter. After all, our goal is to keep the entire process as Carefree as possible!

A repeat client and group of couples that we booked aboard 60' Catamaran Amara in April, 2017 said:

While this was my second BVI charter, it was the first one that I was responsible for planning. I found you guys to be great to work with. You were a lot of help in selecting the boat/crew. Your web site has great information and the preference sheet helped lay things out. I was very focused on the crew when I was making boat selections. With your help, I'm 2 for 2 on great crews.
Steve T., Texas

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