Yacht Styles for your Caribbean Yacht Charter

There are three main yacht styles to choose from, including catamarans, sailboats and motor yachts. After determining which yacht style suits you best, contact us and we'll expertly match you with the ideal yacht and crew, at no additional cost to you.

Which Yacht Style Is Right For You?

Discover more about each yacht style on their specific information pages or learn more about the yacht charter experience.

  • Catamarans: Our most popular yacht choice. These yachts are spacious, stable and in most cases provide equal cabins, each with en-suite bath. Catamarans make an ideal choice for families, groups of couples, and tandem charters.
  • Power Catamarans & Motor Yachts: Perfect for those that desire greater mobility in and around the islands. Power Catamarans have quickly become our #2 yacht style. These new additions to the charter fleet feature modern amenities, ideal layouts, and greater mobility at more-affordable power yacht pricing.
  • Sailboats: A perfect pick for the traditionalist. These yachts remain a very popular choice as they offer guests the true thrill of sailing, plenty of on-board activities, plus lovely traditional features. With their typically more affordable rates, sailboats are a common choice for honeymoons or anniversaries, family groups plus couples charters.

Contact the charter experts now so that we can help you determine the right yacht style for you and your charter group.

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Our Experience Makes Us Unique: We've been a top 5 BVI & USVI Broker for 6 years and offer our clients 24 years of key industry experience. Our tenure includes 12 years in business exclusively as professional brokers plus 12 years as crew aboard our own successful crewed yacht in the BVI, USVI & Caribbean.

Our Client Experience Sets Us Apart: Our clients rely on prompt, honest and sound advice, a strict adherence to ethical and fiduciary responsibilities, an in-depth knowledge about the yachts, crews, and destinations we recommend, plus a Carefree Charter Process that results in trips of a lifetime, time and time again. Check out what our clients said About Us.

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A repeat client and family that we booked aboard 62' Catamaran Le Reve in late May, 2018 said:

Hi Lynne, As advertised, Le Reve is a fantastic boat. The quality of the finishes and amenities were very impressive and it’s hard to imagine what else could be done to improve the guest experience. Observing other boats at the anchorages, we never suffered from “boat envy”! I want to thank you and Joe for protecting our interests after the hurricanes of 2017. You did a terrific job matching the crew with our family and Le Reve was indeed a beautiful boat. Richard and Adele were very complimentary of you and the service you provide. You are one of their trusted industry friends. Thanks again and please keep in touch.
Marty, Kathy, Ashley, Steven, Adam, and Julia C., Texas

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