Family Yacht Charters In the BVI & USVI

Family yacht charters in the BVI and USVI offer a stress-free vacation with plenty of activities the entire family will enjoy. The BVI is known as “Nature’s Little Secret” and with the recent easing of their COVID-19 protocols, our BVI charters have once again become our most sought after destination for our Caribbean yacht charters. Our USVI charters remain a popular and simplistic choice as well, especially for our first timer charterers or those in search of our most affordable recommendations.

Why choose a BVI and USVI crewed yacht charter for your family vacation?

  • Relaxing for Parents: Parents can sit back and enjoy quality family time with the responsibility for the yacht, meals, plus daily activity planning left to their professional Captain and Chef.
  • Fun for Kids: Kids have plenty to keep them entertained aboard between sailing, snorkeling, wake-boarding, tubing, stand up paddle-boarding or even scuba diving (yacht depending).
  • Family Friendly Yachts: We have a long list of family friendly yachts with well equipped water sports lockers plus crews that love having kids and families aboard.
  • Easy Sailing: Discover a new island or anchorage each day, protected waters, shorter sails, plus a wide variety of activities to choose from once you get to your new anchorage each day.
  • Abundance of Yacht Options: The BVI and USVI offer the largest selection of yacht options at every price point, including affordable picks to high-end exclusive suggestions. We have something for everyone.

NEW TO CREWED CHARTERING AS A FAMILY AND NOT SURE WHAT QUESTIONS TO ASK? Our Carefree Charter Process is time tested, constantly refined, and based on over 25 years of experience on both the yacht and broker side of the business. Our charter process directs our clients towards the right family-friendly yachts to start with, but also provides them with key information along the path and as they progress towards their charter start date. We are uniquely hands-on from start to finish and in addition, crews consistently tell us that our clients are well informed and prepared once they step aboard. Check out our Family Crewed Charter FAQ’s to get answers to some of our common initial questions from our family charter clients.

A family that we booked aboard 62' Catamaran Anastasia for Christmas 2021 said:

We had the best vacation of our lives aboard the Anastasia with Ryan and Lesli as our crew. First of all, Lynne, your able management and impeccable communication made for a seamless pre-trip experience. Our week on the Anastasia will be a cherished memory for our family for years to come. We absolutely hope to replicate it in the future, but nothing will ever replace our incredible first time charter experience. Thank you, Lynne, Ryan and Lesli, for making it happen. All our best,
Eloise P., Massachusetts

Why Choose Carefree Yacht Charters®?

Our Experience & Expertise Are Priceless

Our Experience Makes Us Unique: The Carefree Team's tenure includes 16 years in business as professional Yacht Charter Brokers, including owner-dedicated service from start to finish on each and every charter. Our Team also offers our clients 25 years of experience as professional Crew on various highly successful yachts in the BVI, USVI & Caribbean. When combined, Your Carefree Team is uniquely qualified to seamlessly handle your trip of a lifetime.

Expertise Sets Us Apart: Lynne Campbell, Founder, Managing Director, and Broker, has over 25 years of key industry experience, including 16 years in business as the owner & lead broker of Carefree Yacht Charters. With a majority of those years as a top broker within the industry, Lynne has navigated it all, including countless blue sky charter days, but also through hurricanes and the covid pandemic. Repeat clients have come to rely on Lynne's expertise to guide them during mainly smooth sailing, but also through any unforeseen stormy weather that might be just beyond the horizon.

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BVI & USVI Family Yacht Charter Options

BVI & USVI Holiday & Spring Break Charters

The BVI & USVI are the destinations of choice for a family Christmas or New Years charter and also offers an abundance of family friendly options for a Spring Break charter. Book well in advance in order to secure the best yacht and crew for these extremely popular weeks.

Family Specials

View our yacht specials to discover which of our yachts are currently offering enticing family specials.

Sampling Of Our Popular Family Yacht Charter Choices


  • Will there be enough to keep my kids entertained? On our family crewed yacht charters, there is an abundance of daily activities as well as learning opportunities for kids. From sailing to hiking, snorkeling to water sports, beach combing to fish identification, and in some cases even scuba diving or scuba lessons aboard, parents as well as kids will have to pick and choose their way through a variety of activity options each day. Every day is a little different, has a new and unique anchorage to explore, and that constant change in scenery keeps kids both entertained and engaged on these charters.
  • Can we charter for fewer nights? We’re concerned that 6 or 7 nights aboard a yacht is simply too long for our kids. The majority of our family charters and in particular, our repeat family charters are 7 nights in length. In addition, many of our first-time family clients follow up, letting us know that their recent charter experience was their favorite family vacation to date and that they can’t wait to return! Finally, as most of our recommended yachts have 6 night minimums, at Carefree Yacht Charters we do as well. We do book occasional 5 night charters for our clients due to scheduling constraints on either the client or yacht side, but due to the way the industry calculates 5 night charters, there is an approximate 17% short charter surcharge which makes the difference between 5 and 6 nights quite minimal. Given that, a 6 night charter likely makes the best sense if you're uncertain about 7 nights.
  • My kids are picky eaters. Can the Chef’s aboard these yachts cater to that? Absolutely! Our recommended Chef’s are accustomed to creating simplified kid versions or “kids meal options” for their family charters. You’ll eventually fill out our online preference form which will allow you to detail what your kids will enjoy and just as importantly, what your kids won't eat. Also, with a designated and creative Chef aboard, you may be surprised to see your kids perhaps hanging around the galley and discovering some new foods on charter.
Family Yacht Charters

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