BVI Yacht Charters

Known as "Nature's Little Secret", the British Virgin Islands make a popular destination choice for your private and fully crewed Caribbean yacht charter vacation.

Why charter a yacht in the BVI?

  • Plenty to do and see: With over 40 islands, islets and cays, guests can enjoy new islands each day, each with their own character and charm.
  • First timer and family friendly: BVI charters are ideal for first timers or a family charter with their protected waters, easy sailing, plus variety of excellent anchorages.
  • Abundance of yacht choices: The BVI offers the most yacht options of any destination. Choose from our extensive lists of catamarans, monohull sailboats, or luxury motor yachts.
  • Luxury and value: Most of our BVI yacht charters are inclusive of meals, beverages, plus standard bar. Learn more about the chartering experience and luxuries aboard.

How much does a BVI charter cost?

The majority of our charters are all inclusive, starting at around $15,000 per week and up to $50,000 per week. Our other category of luxury charters start around $35,000, plus all expenses. Learn more about our crewed yacht charter costs.

Why Choose Carefree Yacht Charters®?

Experience matters. We're a top 5 BVI Yacht Charter Company with over 20 years of industry experience. We owned and operated our own successful crewed charter yacht in the BVI for 12 years. We also utilize cutting edge technology and systems to provide our clients with a state of the art web experience and charter booking process. When combined, we are uniquely qualified to expertly handle your vacation of a lifetime. See what our clients have said about us.

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Call us in our South Florida office at 954-980-9281, Toll Free at 888-670-6884, or complete our Quick Request Form. We'll match you with a charter that fits your budget, style and interests. Or, get started by viewing a sampling of our popular BVI yacht charters.

Sampling Of Our Popular BVI Yacht Charters

BVI Yacht Charters

BVI Charter Start Options

  • BVI Start: Maximize your time in the BVI and enjoy a slightly more leisurely pace by cutting out the necessary travel time to and from Tortola aboard your charter yacht. For a charter in the BVI, you can fly into St. Thomas or Tortola at your choosing. Convenient inter-island ferry services or private water taxis allow you to travel back and forth from St. Thomas to Tortola in a maximum of about 50 minutes one way if St. Thomas flights are preferred.
  • USVI Start: Take advantage of more direct and typically more affordable flights into St. Thomas plus the possibility of a simple taxi ride to meet up with your yacht. A St. Thomas pick-up is possible if your charter group consists of 6 guests or less and your yacht of choice is willing and able to pick-up in US waters. These St. Thomas based US Virgin Island charters typically spend one night off the US island of St. John and the balance of the charter in the BVI. Learn more about USVI charters.

A group of couples that we booked aboard 62' Catamaran London Sky in March, 2017 said:

London Sky was absolutely amazing. Thank you for giving us the guidance to pick this amazing boat. Your advice was priceless and we are very appreciative for helping us enjoy a trip of a lifetime... and hopefully again!!
Mindy B., New Jersey

More From Carefree Yacht Charters®

The Charter Experience

Our BVI sailing charters and luxury motor yachts offer guests a wide array of onboard activities, including sailing, snorkeling, water skiing, wakeboarding, kayaking, stand up paddle-boarding or scuba diving. Learn more about what the charter experience offers.

Other Destinations

Instead of the British Virgin Islands, consider a charter in and around St. Maarten or the Grenadines, each offering a slightly different flair.