BVI Yacht Charters

A fully-crewed BVI yacht charter offers plenty to do & see for families, couples, and first-timers.

Known as "Nature's Little Secret", the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is by far our most popular Caribbean destination choice for a private and fully crewed yacht charter vacation. With its diverse island and anchorage options, the BVI allows our trusted and recommended crews to custom-tailor each and every charter vacation to the client group at hand. Flexibility is key and it makes our BVI charters quite simply, truly unique!

What Makes a Private BVI Crewed Yacht Charter So Unique?

  • Plenty to do and see: With over 40 islands, islets and cays, guests can enjoy new islands each day, each with their own character and charm. Even our multi-repeats can always discover something new.
  • First timer and family friendly: BVI crewed yacht charters are ideal for first timers or a family charter with their protected waters, easy sailing, plus a variety of excellent anchorages.
  • Abundance of yacht choices: The BVI offers an abundance of yacht options. Choose from our extensive lists of catamarans, power catamarans and luxury motor yachts.
  • Unique Snorkeling & Diving: The BVI features world-class snorkeling, often right off the back of your yacht. Divers also enjoy her easily accessible and diverse dive sites.
  • Quaint Beach Bars & Restaurants: The BVI offers an array of quaint beach bars and restaurants, offering authentic shore-side jaunts where you can experience the local scene.
  • Luxury and value: Most of our BVI crewed yacht charters are inclusive of meals, beverages, plus standard bar. When combined with this unique vacation experience, it keeps our clients coming back year after year. crewed yacht charter costs.

NEW TO BVI CREWED CHARTERING AND NOT SURE WHAT QUESTIONS TO ASK? Our Carefree Charter Process is time tested, constantly refined, and based on over 25 years of experience on both the yacht and broker side of the business. Our charter process directs our clients towards the right yachts to start with, but also provides them with key information along the path and as they progress towards their charter start date. We are uniquely hands-on from start to finish and in addition, crews consistently tell us that our clients are well informed and prepared once they step aboard. Check out our BVI FAQ’s to get answers to some of our common initial questions.

Why Choose Carefree Yacht Charters? Experience matters. We're a top 5 Crewed Yacht Charter Company with over 25 years of industry experience. Our tenure includes 14 years in business as the Owners and Brokers of Carefree Yacht Charters plus 12 years as the Owners and Crew of our own highly successful yacht in the BVI, USVI & Caribbean. When combined, we are uniquely qualified to expertly handle your vacation of a lifetime. Call us in our South Florida office at 954-980-9281 or contact us today to learn more.

Sampling Of Our Popular BVI Yacht Charters


  • If I fly into St. Thomas, can my charter start and end there? While there are a handful of yachts that may be able to offer St. Thomas ports and a BVI itinerary, most of the crewed charters that occur in the BVI will require a BVI pick-up and drop-off. With this in mind, you’ll need to get to the BVI and back on your own.
  • What’s the best way to get to the BVI and back from St. Thomas? At our recommendation, a large majority of our clients take private water taxis to the BVI and back for their charters. While this option is more expensive than a commercial ferry, it offers a much faster and far more seamless experience. At Carefree, we will also assist our clients with their private water taxi reservation process to ensure that their water taxis are booked with a recommended source and additionally align well with their charters and flights.
  • Can I fly into the BVI for my charter? While flights in and out of St. Thomas remain the most popular pick, typically due to preferred routes, times and pricing, our other suggested option is to take a commercial flight in and out of San Juan, Puerto Rico with a connecting puddle jumper flight to the BVI and back. We will also assist with puddle jumper recommendations or with private charter flight reservations either from Puerto Rico to the BVI and back or from St. Thomas to the BVI and back.
  • What are the current COVID-19 protocols in the BVI? You can continue to refer to our Island Vibes page for current protocols in the BVI, the USVI, Puerto Rico and beyond.
BVI Yacht Charters

A two family group that we booked aboard 62' Catamaran Twin Flame for Christmas 2021 said:

We can’t say enough positive things about our trip. It was perfectly designed for our adventurous family. We loved working with you! The communication was very helpful in outlining the COVID protocols and what we would need. So grateful for the perfect match of boat to our family. You also have a wonderful reputation with the crew - they said you are one of the most thorough, easy to work with, honest and detail oriented brokers out there. We have already given your name out multiple times. Thanks for the bottom of all of our hearts!
Beth B. & Laurel S. Families, New Hampshire & Connecticut

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