Luxury Crewed Charters

Find out what charter type suits you best and then ask us which specific yachts & crews we'd pair you with.

There are six main charter types including our popular family yacht charters, charters for a group of couples, honeymoon and anniversary trips, dive charters, plus charters for tandem groups. Regardless of your charter type, Carefree Yacht Charters® will help you select the best yacht and crew to fit your specific group, charter interests and budget.

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What Type Of Charter Suits Your Group Best?

Discover more about each charter type plus see our recommended yacht selections for each one or contact us directly so that we can guide you through the entire selection process.

  • Family: Our most popular type of charter. A crewed charter is fun and educational for kids plus relaxing for parents. We offer an abundance of family friendly yachts and crews.
  • Couples: We have a long list of options best suited to a group of couples. With all the details left to the Captain & Crew, you and your friends can sit back, relax and enjoy your vacation.
  • Dive: We know and feature the best dive options in the fleet. We completed thousands of dives and hundreds of certifications as Dive Instructors in the BVI. Count on our expert guidance.
  • Foodies: Count on Carefree to know and recommend the best yachts and Chefs for your group of foodies, in many cases based on personal dining experience aboard those yachts.
  • Honeymoon: A private yacht is an ideal way to spend a honeymoon or anniversary. We feature yachts and crews that specifically cater to these special occasions.
  • Tandem & Corporate: Perfect for large family group, multiple couples group, or for your next corporate yacht charter. Tandem charters offer two or more similar yachts sailing together. Enjoy casual get-together's as you island hop your way through the islands in tandem.

A group of couples that we booked aboard 59' Catamaran Odyssea in the BVI in November 2021 said:

Lynne, We just finished the most amazing week with Dylan and Gi. All four couples could not agree more with how we felt about our experience. Honestly cannot thank you enough for your help and support.
Andrew T., Ontario

Why Choose Carefree Yacht Charters®?

Our Experience & Expertise Are Priceless

Our Experience Makes Us Unique: The Carefree Team's tenure includes 16 years in business as professional Yacht Charter Brokers, including owner-dedicated service from start to finish on each and every charter. Our Team also offers our clients 25 years of experience as professional Crew on various highly successful yachts in the BVI, USVI & Caribbean. When combined, Your Carefree Team is uniquely qualified to seamlessly handle your trip of a lifetime.

Expertise Sets Us Apart: Lynne Campbell, Founder, Managing Director, and Broker, has over 25 years of key industry experience, including 16 years in business as the owner & lead broker of Carefree Yacht Charters. With a majority of those years as a top broker within the industry, Lynne has navigated it all, including countless blue sky charter days, but also through hurricanes and the covid pandemic. Repeat clients have come to rely on Lynne's expertise to guide them during mainly smooth sailing, but also through any unforeseen stormy weather that might be just beyond the horizon.

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