Crewed Grenadines Yacht Charters

Crewed Grenadines yacht charters can include visits to the larger islands of St. Vincent and Grenada as well as the smaller islands in between that make up the Grenadines. Sailing trips in the Grenadines are best suited for those in search of a true Caribbean experience, combining remote anchorages, local island flavor, and dense tropical settings on the larger islands of St. Vincent and Grenada.

This cruising area is situated in the southern part of the Windward Islands chain and features a select handful of excellent yachts at all price points.

Why Charter A Crewed Yacht In The Grenadines?

  • Various itinerary options: With various starting and ending ports as well as island destinations to choose from, a crewed charter in the Grenadines presents a multitude of itinerary options. We can provide expert and first-hand guidance in selecting the right itinerary option for you and your group. Learn more about your itinerary options in the Grenadines.
  • Unspoiled and untouched by recent hurricanes: The Grenadines has always been a safe haven during hurricane months. This area remains so today and offers a wonderful short term alternative to the ever-popular Virgin Islands.
  • Ideal alternative for repeat groups: If you've already experienced the BVI, the Grenadines offer a wonderful alternative. A charter in this area will provide experienced charterer's with a slightly more authentic experience.

A family that we booked aboard 56' Catamaran Viramar in August 2021 in the Grenadines said:

LYNNE!!! I don't know how to put into words how wonderful this trip was!!! All of my group as well as Erika were crying when we were dropped off at the Canouan airport.To start, it was very refreshing and assuring to know that you were involved with the entire process - from our initial call in October 2019, through the billing, sorting out the COVID challenges, and ultimately checking in to make sure we made it on the Viramar on August 11, 2021.... you have been a complete gem! Thank you.
Keith S., Texas

Sampling Of Our Popular Grenadines Crewed Charter Choices

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The Charter Experience

Crewed charters in the Grenadines offer guests a wide array of onboard activities, including sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, water skiing, wakeboarding, fishing or scuba diving. Learn more about the different crewed yacht charter types we offer.

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