BVI Tandem & Corporate Yacht Charters

A BVI tandem yacht charter makes a one of a kind choice for a large family group, multiple couples group, or for your next corporate yacht charter.

What is a Tandem Yacht Charter? With multiple families or groups with 10+ guests, our clients often opt for a tandem yacht charter, in which two or more comparable yachts charter together. Our popular BVI yacht charters offer an abundance of ideal yachts and crews for these charters. Our select crews will design itineraries, activities, and menus that will cater to the entire tandem group.

What are the benefits of a tandem yacht charter?

  • The majority of our crewed yachts feature 3 to 5 guest cabin layouts, making a flotilla of similar yachts an ideal way to cater to larger groups.
  • By breaking larger groups among multiple yachts, the guest to crew ratio is decreased allowing the service level to increase. Our crewed yachts feature at least a Captain & Chef, with our larger or higher-end options featuring additional crew members.
  • With an abundance of identical or nearly identical yachts within the fleet, we can easily pair several yachts together in tandem, each with similar levels of amenities, water sports, cuisine, and crew mind-set.
  • Tandem yachts and their crews will sail together, anchor close to one another, and plan some casual group get-togethers throughout the charter.
  • Guests can enjoy the best of both words, including a more intimate setting aboard their own private yacht plus the entire tandem group during planned yacht gatherings.
  • Yachts typically offer happy hour get-togethers, group outings or excursions, plus various pre-approved dining options, such as adult meals on one yacht and kids meals on the other yachts on select days.

In Search of a Corporate Yacht Charter? Look no further than Carefree Yacht Charters. Based on the size of the group, one of our mid-range to high-end yachts or one of our tandem yacht charters is an ideal way to reward superior efforts. Our crewed charters also allow for business gatherings and professional development in an extraordinary setting with plenty of adventure and fun in the mix.

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Our Experience Makes Us Unique: We're a top 5 Crewed Yacht Charter Company with over 25 years of industry experience. Our tenure includes 15 years in business as the Owners and Brokers of Carefree Yacht Charters plus 12 years as the Owners and Crew of our own highly successful yacht in the USVI, BVI, & Caribbean. When combined, we are uniquely qualified to expertly handle your vacation of a lifetime. Contact us today to get started.

Our Expertise Sets Us Apart: Our clients rely on prompt, honest and sound advice, a strict adherence to ethical and fiduciary responsibilities, an in-depth knowledge about the yachts, crews, and destinations we recommend, plus a Carefree Charter Process that results in trips of a lifetime, time and time again. Read what our clients have to say.

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A repeat client & family group that we booked aboard 50' Karma in tandem with 2 other yachts for New Years 2021-2022 said:

Once again Carefree Yacht Charters helped us find the perfect charter! We spoke with Lynne multiple times talking about what our hopes and expectations were for this trip which was more complicated given that it was 19 people and three boats. We could not have been happier with the outcome. This was a five-star experience and we hope to be able to book another charter with Carefree Yacht Charters and Hannah and Tom again in the future :-) Thanks again Lynne!!!
Amy C., Connecticut

Sampling Of Our Popular Tandem Yacht Charter Choices

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