Typical Day on a Yacht Charter

typical day on a private yacht charter to the Caribbean

When you charter a private yacht, the itinerary, activities, and dining are all planned and tailored around the interests and desires of you and your group. Our professional captain's and crews would most likely tell you they don't necessarily have a "typical" day because they like to change things up based on the specific group they have onboard. However, to give you an idea of what a "typical" day might look like and based on our first-hand experience aboard our own private charter yachts, we're providing you with the following scenario for Day 1 aboard a Virgin Islands charter.

Virgin Islands Crewed Charter, Day 1

Noon: You arrive at your pre-determined spot to meet the crew of your yacht. The typical spot we're using happens to be at the Pusser's Bar and Restaurant in Soper's Hole on the west end of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. Perhaps you arrived a bit early and that gave you a chance to do some last-minute shopping in the quaint shops that line this lovely boardwalk. Your crew arrives by dinghy to greet you, introductions are made, and then you're whisked out to your yacht in the harbor, where island cocktails and a gourmet lunch await you.

1:30: After a fabulous al-fresco lunch, and a chance to get situated in your cabins, your crew sits down with you to come up with a loose itinerary for the week, asking if you have any particular sights you'd like to see or activities you'd like to engage in. This is also their opportunity to acquaint you with the yacht and any necessary onboard details you should be aware of.

2:00: As soon as your Captain pulls anchor or drops the mooring you're quickly making the corner to head up the Sir Francis Drake Channel. After a brief description on the basics of sailing for any interested parties, the crew raises sail, falls off to catch the trade winds, and turns off the engine. It's now that you can feel the exhilarating power of the wind as the yacht takes off under sail.

4:00: After making several exciting tacks up the channel and after a 1 ½ to 2 hour sail you drop sail off Norman Island, your first anchorage for the week. Perhaps your Captain will opt to anchor in the more lively Bight anchorage or perhaps this time he heads around the corner to anchor near the Caves, the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island". Either way, as soon as the anchor is set, you and your group are quick to jump in for your first refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters of the BVI.

4:30: The crew offers a dinghy ride to the Caves for a guided snorkel with one of your crew members. This easy snorkel offers a multitude of tropical fish, vibrant corals, and intriguing caves to explore.

5:30: After your invigorating snorkel, take a warm fresh water shower off the stern of the yacht or in your private en-suite bath, but then get yourself top-side in time to take in one of the best sunsets to be found during the week. Enjoy a cocktail of your choice or perhaps one of the Captain's "drinks du jour", one of his specialties, most certainly containing some type of tropical rum.

6:30: Your 3 or 4 course gourmet dinner starts and progresses during the next hour or two. Your gourmet menu has been tailored by your onboard Chef specifically to your likes, dislikes, and dietary requirements and you'll be surprised at the wonderful tastes, aromas, and quality of presentation that surface from your yachts galley. It's therefore no surprise that the food & drinks served aboard these charter yachts prove to be a highlight of many charters.

8:30: More adventurous groups might opt to visit the "Willy T" a floating bar and restaurant fashioned after an old pirate ship for music, dancing, and perhaps some good people watching. More relaxed groups might opt to hang on the yacht where they can chat in the cockpit or lie on deck and simply take in the amazing blanket of stars. This is a good opportunity to ask your Captain & Crew about what lies ahead for Day 2 and what your options for the coming day might include. Revel in the fact that you still have almost a week to enjoy the adventure and wonderful service that awaits you on your private yacht charter.